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Explore the world through the unique
character of single origin cacao.

Made in small batches with the finest ingredients searched from around the world
Wolfgang’s Cocoa Traveler Collection brings the unique flavor profiles of single origin chocolate
drawing from four lesser known cacao producing countries within ten degrees of the equator
such as the Ghana, Dominican Republic, Tanzania and Venezuela.

Wolfgang Candy Company is pleased to partner with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities through the promotion of sustainable cocoa cultivation, entrepreneurial farming, improved productivity, and community development. The Cocoa Horizon’s Foundation activities benefit farmers and their communities in the Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Tanzania.

Venezuela Dark Chocolate With Brazilian Coast Sea Salt

Venezuela is a landscape of spectacular contrasts, from the snow-capped Andean peaks to the jungles of the Amazon. This country of striking natural beauty is renowned for its exclusive and unrivaled Criollo beans, sought after by the world’s most discerning connoisseurs. The bitter character of the Origin Venezuela comes from a harmonious blend of highly fragranced Criollo with Trinitario, grown in the famous regions of Carenero Superior and Rio Caribe. Both tangy and fruity with a hint of bitterness, it is a rare and unique chocolate. Blended with Wolfgang’s premium dark chocolate.

Tanzania Dark Chocolate With Cacao Nibs

Tanzania is breathtaking from its lakes and volcanoes, to its untamable wildlife. The Tanzanian cocoa beans have crossed over the centuries seducing connoisseurs. Only exceptional cocoa could originate from such an extraordinary place. A Criollo and Forastero blend, this premium cocoa is rare as its production represents a limited percentage of the world’s production. The strong character of the chocolate comes from the rich soil of this country. This dark chocolate couverture has an intense taste with subtle, spicy, fruity and acidulous notes. Blended with Wolfgang’s premium dark chocolate.

Dominican Republic Dark Chocolate With Chopped Hazelnuts

A true paradise situated in the archipelago of the Greater Antilles, the Dominican Republic offers lush scenery, clear waters and a wild coast. The richness of their cocoa beans: Hispaniola, a blend of Forastero and Criollo cocoas, possess an exceptionally long finish and producing a dark chocolate with a very pronounced cocoa flavor. Its bitterness is enhanced with a fruity and wine-like note. Blended with Wolfgang’s premium dark chocolate.

Ghana Milk Chocolate Caramelized Toffee Pieces

Ghana possesses an exceptional natural heritage. Deep within its equatorial rainforest, the tropical heat and rich soil bring forth an intensely aromatic cocoa. Brought to Ghana from Brazilian seedlings in 1879, Forastero cocoa trees, merged exquisitely with Trinitario cocoa trees, giving this remarkable milk chocolate a distinctly assertive flavor with a touch of acidity. A delicate and subtle blend, it exudes the aroma of hazelnuts and a caramel note is revealed in tasting. Blended with Wolfgang’s premium milk chocolate.